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Quotation mark

It's always good to listen to other people's strategies, but I would suggest you to make your own strategy as that will work the best for you( SUNO SABKI, KARO APNI). Read full strategy below...



Quotation mark

Patience and persistence combined with hardwork.

Yash Bhardwaj

IPMAT(R) - Final convert

Quotation mark

VA - Vocab, reading passages
LR - class,  practice
QA - Ashish sir par chod do
And practice from resources
GA - attend class and read questionnaires 

Harshjit Singh

DU JAT (109) , NPAT , CUET

Pratik Ganguly


My Strategy

It's always good to listen to other people's strategies, but I would suggest you to make your own strategy as that will work the best for you( SUNO SABKI, KARO APNI).
So, let me start with Quant. In quant, I covered all the topics taught in the class, along with practicing the questions related to that topic. While I was in 11th and 12th, I made my base in Maths strong, so that I don't have to face any problem while preparing for competitive exams, particularly for DUJAT and I would suggest you the same.
Next, in LR, all I did was practice, practice and practice. Now, in LR, practice is required not to understand any concept or to mug up formulae, but just to increase the speed and accuracy, now this fact is partially true for Quant, as there we need to learn formulae and understand concepts as well.
In Verbal section, I learnt Vocab from a book called 'Word power made easy' by Norman Lewis. In other areas, like RCs, error correction, etc. I practiced them regularly from IMS resources and they are pretty manageable, to be honest.
Coming to the last section, e.i. GK(GA & BA), I would say it was something that was very vast and unpredictable. So, everyday I used to spend at least an hour for current affairs and learn them not by cramming them up but by making connections of each event with other related events. Now, this helped me to retain things without even mugging them up.
Lastly, I took around 30 - 35 mocks in total for all the competitive exams and analysed them rigourously.
So, these were some of the strategies which I used and I would recommend them to you as well. 

Shikhar Mal

Christ,Symbiosis,Jain University, St Xaviers Rank 13(General),DU JAT Rank 40(General)

My Testimonial

My strategy was giving as many entrances as possible so that I can experience a lot of them before my final target (DU JAT). I gave christ symbiosis and many more even though I did not want to attend those colleges. To prepare the content, I only relied on Pratham and made it a point that I would not miss ay classes, or at least if I am missing classes I would solve the handout discussed in the class myself. Past year papers on the website were a big help too, as they helped me compare my results to other children and helped increase my confidence.

Harshit Jain

Narsee monjee Mumbai campus
Symbiosis entrance test
IIM rohtak (got admission letter also)
Dujat (rank:178 UR)

My Testimonial

Solved all the books, and handouts watched your QA YouTube classes, practiced 10hrs including the classes,a week before  the exams I would revise all the current affairs

Manan Jain

Christ University

My Testimonial

I joined the Crash Course of a coaching in July. Having 6 hour classes daily I used to spend another 6-7 hours for self study and revision by solving modules and giving as many mocks as I could. I gave more time to GK and English as math and LR were my strong subjects. A detailed analysis of the mocks provided me with an insight on where I should improve. Giving many mocks helped me prepare a strategy on how I should attempt the final paper keeping negative marking in mind.

Parv Jindal

Dujat rank 44, ip eco, Symbiosis eco, ashoka University

I am a student from science background. I had PCM with economics. I was always interested in economics and wanted to go to a top college. I didn't study in 12th and thus had to make the best of dujat.
(Maths 96 english 96 physics 95 eco 95 chem 84)
My aim since the beginning was to go to a top notch college with competetive kids irrespective of the slight subject. Bcs i feel that when you are with those students and such college, many opportunities open up and you can change field. My maths was strong since the very beginning with strong foundation and clear basics. I had a keen interest in daily affairs due to my interest in political science and international relations.i have always been involved in many activities. I was the president of photography debating and theatre clubs of my school too.

I would suggest you to give your 100% in boards and especially in mathematics to clear your basics and coupled with that you should start reading newspaper from juky of your 12th. If you get good marks in 12th maths (96-100) then most probably your 11th and 12th maths basics will be clear which in the most important thing in dujat.

As soon as you are done with your exams, you should take a 1 week breather after which start preparing for entrances. Know your aptitude and fill forms accordingly.

For the preparation, i would suggest you to start with all 4 parts( qa lr va ga) together in an organised fashion. DO NOT TAKE ANY SECTION LIGHTLY. Try finishing basic handouts for those 4 subjects and revise current affairs and vocabulary almost everyday.

After which give MOCKS.

Asses mocks and make a separate notebook to note your mistakes and learn from them  make a habit of giving mocks every 3-4 days. Now go on to more difficult questions and find your weak spots. Do not leave anything and make everything your score point. Make sure you reach your peak on the exam day.

For the last month, give a mock everyday and asses it for atleast 1 hour and wright your remarks and fill gaps in your preparation.

For me i faced troubles in ga as i didn't do it at all for the 1st month l. (I started my prep in may and exam was on 7 sept).
I had to cover up my current affairs. If you want to know how then text me. Also i feel the best way to do vocab is do 10 new words everyday and revise all previous words everyday. Use memory aid to learn vocab.

Shikhar Gupta

2. IPM-IIM rohtak- got the call to take admission in IPM
3. NMIMS NPAT- rank 1800

Got to know about Ashish sir while browsing YouTube videos about JAT. From that day I started watching your videos (I never watch them live because I prefer watching videos at 2.5x). I watched all your JAT marathon videos which basically boosted my confidence.

I also watched a few of your algebra videos and almost the same question was in the exam which gave me an edge of 16 marks.(4 questions got correct right away)

The way you explain is very helpful.

Yash Goel

NMIMS (Merit Number 120)
SET B (62/75)
Christ (Banglore)
IPU CET - 843 rank
DUJAT - 162 rank

Attempt as much mock tests as you can in order to analyse your weak areas and work upon them. 

Priyanshu gupta

Dujat Air 28
Iim rohtak ipmat cleared aptitude test
(Interestingly gave these 2 only)

I had a single goal of scoring the best possible percentage in cbse boards to get an admission through merit . Gave my best shot ended up scoring 97.5 but no sooner I realised that this would not be enough to get me the best colleges in du especially North campus in economics honours. Although I was taking pratham classes as a backup to my merit based admission but then focussed on it completely and just had one goal to get only Sscbs . Gave the exam and ended up scoring air 28 . It was a great journey for these 8 months rowing through ups and downs in covid but at last it really ended up well. And now I am in the no.1 ug management institute of the country.

Ok so first of all to tell that  class 12 maths should be very strong.I Had no idea that I will give dujat so prepared from the board's perspective in class 12 . I have done ncert 5-6 times and selected questions of rd Sharma. I will suggest don't go with the flow of doing those 1500-2000 questions of every chapter of rd Sharma rather please get the best 50 60 questions marked from ur teacher from every chapter that are repeated in boards in the last 20 25 years . This is how qa part should be prepared for both board and dujat . Apart from this I focussed on basic maths because that is something where you need to know shortcuts to save your time. I solved pratham class handouts and online home assignments and some other bms handout material and knowledge primer material.
Coming to Lr , I don't think much practice is needed .just focus on the concepts once and then you are good to go and practice automatically comes through mocks. My va isnt good. I mainly focussed on vocab booster and knowledge primer. Coming to ga don't waste time attending classes read as much as possible and focus on mock questions more. At last I would say to  take as many mocks of different types as possible.do revise these mocks' wrong and skipped questions before the exam. I gave 40-45 mocks and 50 60 sectional tests.average score in mocks ranged from 250 at start to 295 300 till end. Don't worry if your rank is not good because many students cheat in mocks. Getting a rank in top 100 is satisfactory in pratham mocks(just be sure to improve your rank even if not able to reach here)Be honest to yourself . Don't be overconfident  if you come on leaderboard (I never came). Do scan your mock in initial 3 4 minutes which will give you an idea of the location of questions of all sections.this is something which some students avoid to save time but trust me some great students this year weren't able to crack becoz of not doing this. Try different strategies and be sure to attempt 85 90 questions if u don't attempt 100 questions strategy.i mean don't increase the attempt just for the sake of attempting but if u want only Sscbs and have a decent backup like I had then you may take that risk. All the best.

Aastha Sharma

IIM Rohtak (cleared and joined); IPMAT IIM Indore (First Round Cleared) 

I had dropped a year because I was a PCM student, so I didn't know anything about management entrance exams. However, I'd appeared for DUJAT last year and got BA(Business Economics) in Dr. BR Ambedhkar College which I didn't go for. I finally decided to drop a year completely for IPMAT and DUJAT because I didn't want to continue with PCM (engineering). Cut to a year after, I got into IIM Rohtak and cleared the first round of IPMAT Indore, but couldn't convert the final round. 

Since, I'd dropped a year i took things very slowly. My actual preparation started in February but even then, the pace was not going well. In march, however I got introduced with Ashish Sir, and he created a very good environment for me (online), because of him I started interacting with people i didn't know before. They were also management aspirants, so there the preparations took a good side. Without Ashish Sir, I would have, just been lying on my bed, demotivated with my life. 

Arushi Nagarkoti

1) DU JAT AIR 41 ( 99.82 %ile)
2) IPMAT IIM Rohtak - Cleared the Aptitude Test , WAT and PI to secure a seat in the first list of selection. 

*for 11/12th graders*
Focus on what is being taught at school because this serves 2 purposes-
1. Your ultimate goal would be to secure an overall high composite score and not just a high jat score for which you will require to score well even in board exams because after a point of time competing with all of the "toppers" becomes quite difficult but then again few candidates with a comparatively low board% were able to score high so not all is lost even if you score less.

2. You are STILL in a way preparing for DUJAT as you are covering QA and VA in the process.

*for crash course students*
Take whatever suits you from this "strategy" and implement that But what worked for some person might not always work for another.

1. initially do go through the basic video lectures + handouts for all sections for that is the time where I am assuming most people don't really know the syllabus.
2. attempt quizzes on whatever you have studied on a daily basis ( they help)
3. Give mocks to test your performance but do not take the leaderboard result seriously. No point cribbing over how everyone's scoring 350+ ( at times that's not even genuine) . I remember taking not only jat mocks but any random mocks that I could get my hands on for the purpose should be to cover as many questions as you can but do not expect a certain exam pattern before appearing for any exam.

4. Study whenever you feel most productive. I had been told toppers wake up early in the morning and then sleep early but, just do whatever suits you. If late night study is your thing then that's totally fine.

5. Find yourself a good study group like I did on Telegram which is also why now most of my friends are in SSCBS too for I had interacted with students who were better than I was in so many ways, you also get to learn a lot)
6. INTELLIGENT GUESSES always help. There are times when you have to go with your gut feeling nd it is always better to attempt questions you have a fair idea about than completely skip them

7. What I did for each section after the basic video lecs + handouts were done( I did not complete every single assignment or handout or video lecture after that)
QA - Picked up RD SHARMA ( 12th) for the first time. Did some selected chapters as suggested by Ashish sir on his channel. + MOCKS + YouTube channels ( Ashish sir's channel - both basic + HM ; RODHA CAT - for basic math) .

VA - wordpower made easy
( completed) + vocab booster + mocks

GA - ( CA) attend classes, make notes, revise, ask the faculty to give quizzes + DO THE COMPENDIUMS AND QUESTIONNAIRES  + do not rely on just one source for this section.. Make use of YouTube (that helps)
(STATIC) - I personally did not invest much time here since I knew this would be too time consuming and luckily only 10 questions were asked  which were too basic but, try to cover this if you still have enough time
(BA) - cover whatever is being taught in class and try to retain as much as you an but again I personally, could not cover much of this.

LR- I only did the basic handouts + video lectures for this but then I had attempted quite a few mocks so I got to practise LR in the process.


Aakarsh Kawatra

Cleared Symbiosis, NMIMS, IIM Rohtak IPMAT
Cleared 1st round of IIM Indore IPMAT
DU JAT rank 404

DU JAT rank 89 (SSCBS)

My strategy was simple this time. I focussed majorly on English Vocabulary and GK current affairs. I revised and practised all the Mathematics topics via Ashish Sir's videos. Logical Reasoning was not much of a problem for me so I didn't really put a lot of time in it. I gave almost 10 mock consistently in the last 15 days and made a ritual to revise English and GK almost every alternative day in the last 15 days.

Manan Khurana

DU JAT (Rank 50)

Ashish Sir has helped me a lot. His guidance and mentorship are the most prominent pillars of my success.
I was weak in some concepts of mathematics. However, sir taught me in a manner which not only helped me gain understanding but also confidence - turning my weaknesses into my strengths.
Sir mentored not as a teacher but as a friend understanding my concerns and helping me accordingly, reaching out in ways teachers generally don't.

Lakshay Jain

Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies(Rank-78), Krea University, Symbiosis, Christ, Apeejay Stya University, ICFAI Business School, UPES, DU-B( Rank 40)

The mathematical wizard, ie. 'Ashish Sansanwal'. What I could tell about him except the fact that he is the best teacher cum mentor cum friend cum brother. He makes learning maths so much fun with his one-liners in between and the experiences from his life. I got into Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies, getting Rank-40 in DU-B ,so I can safely give complete credit to Ashish Sansanwal sir for his awesome mathematical shortcuts and tricks. HE makes learning maths fun for everyone whether or not the person is interested or not. Will surely recommend his classes to anyone and everyone for every video that he posts.
At last thank you Ashish sir for teaching and guiding me through my lockdown and more importantly giving a good friend and a brother to whom we can ask anything to everything. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING

Kashika Bansal

Rank 163

The stratergy tgat worked for me was regularity. Even if you study for less number of hours like 3-4...that must be regular. 

Naisha Gupta

IIM INDORE and IIM Rohtak Admitted

Okay so, Ashish sir is one of the most humble teacher I've ever come across. Like honestly he'll teach you from the very basics which others generally don't. Also, his personal guidance to all the kids despite the number of students being so huge is something worth appreciating. He's more like a friend and you can honestly relate to him. His classes are so much fun and also hats off to his dedication level. A very committed man who'll tell you the reality always, be it criticism or appreciation. Viewed all his videos on youtube and revised all concepts regularly. Practice, practice and practice aalottt!

Manan Khurana

DU JAT (Rank 50)

Ashish Sir has helped me a lot. His guidance and mentorship are the most prominent pillars of my success.
I was weak in some concepts of mathematics. However, sir taught me in a manner which not only helped me gain understanding but also confidence - turning my weaknesses into my strengths.
Sir mentored not as a teacher but as a friend understanding my concerns and helping me accordingly, reaching out in ways teachers generally don't.


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